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Used up plan data and can't start new plan immediately?

Hi, I just payed €10 for credit and another €10 for a plan for 100GB as well. Neither have given me data . My original membership is due to renew on the 21st but I need data as soon as possible. How do I renew my membership manually ?

Back from hols and have no internet connection

Just back from lanzarote and got help to get my phone roaming over there. But as I'm just back now I'm not getting any Internet connection on phone whatsoever. Do I have to change APN to something different

Refund or membership extension while SIM not working?

My sim is not working and I have reordered a replacement sim. I topped up my plan €12.99 yesterday and because of sim not working I cannot use this plan. So do I get refunded this credit or will you extend my subscription when I get my replacement si...

Flexi Data data sharing "system error" on app

Every time I want to share my data with my friends, it gives me a message saying "Error occured, system error, please try again later". It's been an issue for few weeks now and I tried everything to fix it, uninstalled the app, accessed my permission...