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Laptop can't connect to hotspot but other devices can

I'm having a problem connecting my hotspot to my laptop. I have followed all of the steps in on the website and other websites in sharing personal hotspot. I can share my hotspot to other phones but connecting to my PC seems to be the issue.  It load...

VPN on TP-Link 4G router not working

I’m trying to set up my home router so that I can VPN to it from my IPhone to access smart-home devices & hubs. My router is a tp-link 4G router with 48 SIM and built-in VPN (openVpn) + Dynamic DNS (no-ip) which I have set up.However, it looks li...

Slow upload speeds - South Kilkenny

Is anyone else having issues with upload speeds in the past 48hrs ? Upload speed in S.Kilkenny dropping as low as 0.01Mb regularly. Download speed is fine.

Problem activating replacement SIM

I lost my SIM, and then I reordered a new SIM from 48. I got the sim and tried to activate it, but it is not working. Then I checked online, and there it was mentioned that first, we need to block the SIM and then we can activate the new SIM, but it ...

Mobile data not working

When i turn my wifi off and my data on, there is no icon that says my data is on (like the 4g or h or smt). Ive tryed restarting my phone, i tried to install the thing 48 said to. Nothings worked pls help me

No web service

Hey, I haven't had service for the last few days other then when I can get wifi. Did all the usual troubleshooting, but no change. Had hoped it would return as suddenly as it was lost. Anyone else experienced this recently?