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Keep old number

Hi There, I moved to your network recently and I chose to keep my old number. However it doesn't seem that this has worked. Can someone help? Thanks

Receiving calls in India

Hey guys! I am travelling to India for 2 months. My 48 contact number is not reachable by anyone who is based in Ireland. What can I do to ensure that I can receive calls from anyone who is in Ireland? I don't want to make calls, I just want to be ab...

Service Problems - Verification SMS

Hi, wonder if someone can help me with a tricky issue. I have been using 48 for 3 months now, and normal calling, sms, internet are all working mostly fine.However,I cannot receive verification/password SMS messages from certain services.  For exampl...

Number hasn't ported from Vodafone after a week

Hi, Its been 1 week now and my mobile number hasn't ported, is this normal? I don't mind waiting because the other sim is in my work phone so I am still getting calls on that but I want to know if its actually being ported.  Does anyone know of a num...