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Top reasons to become a Legend

You may have seen recently that we announced our new Legend Program, coming soon to 48! Here are some great reasons to become a Legend.   It’s awesome to be a Legend Earning the opportunity to participate in the Legend Program is an immensely rewardi...

New Feature Coming Soon - The Legend!

I’m delighted to announce a new feature here on the community, simply known as The Legend. Each year, we’ll have a new Legend chosen from the members here. This Legend will be someone knowledgeable and helpful, someone that we know is trustworthy.   ...

48 Community Helper Program

Just letting you know about our Community Helper Program in case you're not familiar with it! Our Helpers are fellow 48 members who provide useful info for other members by replying in Need Help, and post other interesting or funny stuff for the comm...

How to mark questions solved

  In our community we use an ‘accepted solutions’ system to show which questions in the community have been solved.     What are accepted solutions?   If a post has a green tick by it  that means that the question in the thread has been answered and ...

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What's the deal with Likes?

Seen a post you found really useful? Give that person a Like! We all like to hear how great we are.     What are Likes? Likes are a way of giving a virtual thumbs-up or stamp of approval to members of the community.     Why Like something? This helps...

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Guide on how to get help

  At 48 we are an online community based support team.  That’s why we’re so cheap; we don’t have massive call centers to pay for. There are several ways of getting help on the website; reading our FAQs is the fastest, followed by asking the community...

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