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Can't log in to my son's account to top up

I usually top up my 3 children's sim's with their membership once every 3 months, because the twins 9 years old and my youngest is 7. I just did my son's number which is whose number is 0892142370 I did his months membershi...

How can I get a replacement SIM?

I have been a member for years but I have been abroad for the past year and not actually using my sim. Despite still paying my membership every month I am now unable to use my sim, it seems to be broken or damaged in some way. How can I get sent a ne...

Can't activate SIM via the app

Hi there,  I recently had a sim sent out to me, I paid for it at the end of April, upon trying to activate my new sim I am not given the option to activate new sim in the app. It is almost as though my account doesn't recognize that an initiation pay...

Plan price - €12.99 or €25.98?

I'm hoping someone can help. I just got a 48 sim and was under the impression that the monthly charge was €12.99 a month. When I try to activate this, the T&Cs are stating a charge of €25.98 per month, which is definitely not what was indicated befor...