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Things not so much 48. Debate life’s big questions or just check out what some of the users are chat...

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DSA Transparency Annual Reports

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Activity in Ideas and Feedback

Google Pixel 8 "SIM no longer supported" after s/w update

Hi all, long time user, first time poster. Just noticed my 48 SIM card all of a sudden has no connection. Tried restarting the phone to no avail. Also double checked the apn settings. All seems to be in order. My wife also has a 48 SIM card and hers ...

SIM card activation

I am so disappointed with this service. I moved to another provider but wanted to give 48 one last trial. I have tried to contact you and have had zero success. Its's quite frustrating and worrying seeing as ye are taking money out of my account each...

SIM inactive for 2 days and can't contact them

I decided to switch over to 48 from three and my three prepay is about to run out tomorrow. 48 said moving my number would take 2-4 hours and its been nearly 3 days. I sent an email to and they never responded.     I can...

Left 48 - how to ensure no further charges?

Do I need to call my bank to stop the charge on my credit card as I have gone from 48 because I have been abroad 3 times and my phone wouldn’t work, 48 even gave me a new sim but that didn’t work either

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