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Just Hang Out

Things not so much 48. Debate life’s big questions or just check out what some of the users are chat...

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DSA Transparency Annual Reports

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DSA Transparency Report 2023

In accordance with Articles 15 of the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), this transparency report provides information on orders and notices of illegal content received by 48 and all content moderation that 48 has undertaken on its own initiative regar...

jess_48 by Community Manager
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eSIM QR code

I am switching from an Android to an iphone and I have 2 sims, is there any way I can obtain the QR code for my 48 sim so that i can activate it as an e-sim?

Visiting USA tomorrow

What needs to be done to be able to use 48 work out there? Phone wise. Assume will be no issue connecting to Internet for whatsapp

My phone tells me there is no SIM card.

Was in Australia and used a Pay as you go. When I got home, put in my 48 SIM. Worked fine. This morning telling me no SIM. Could it be damaged, although I can't see any damage? Will I just have to get a replacement? 

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