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Membership renewed but won't let me phone or text

My membership renewed as normal yesterday but I'm being told I have no credit when I text, make calls or get onto internet. I have had 4 web chats & issue still not resolved. Any help? This is 2nd day now & loosing my patience, thanks

Landline calls

I have landline minutes on my account but when I try ring a landline it says I'm out of credit?

Strange Answer. Has my number been hacked?

My mom called me, and she definitely called my number, I triple checked her contacts, where she just tapped on my name and then saw my face while the call started. When the call was answered, a man with a foreign accent answered. She then called me a...

maitiu by Newcomer
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My texts won’t send

EU phone use

What do I have to do to use my son in France for the first time?

No internet for over 24 hours!!!

I can't get any network signal on my phone! For the last 24 hours it just says searching! Its not a new phone or a new sim. I'n a long standing member of 48. Please help!

mowgli by Newcomer
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Saved details

Hi there,I wish for my saved credit card details not to be saved any long when I go to check out after I have made a purchase. My email account had been hacked & also I received missed calls from a strange number starting with 00252 so I wish to secu...

eilism by Newcomer
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PUK code

I just got my phone screen fixed and when I collected it the sim was locked. It’s telling me to put in my PUK code which is a 7 number code which it accepts then asks me to enter a new code of 4 digits and confirm that new code, so I go through with ...