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Lost phone

Lost phone and have bought new one. Went to request replacement SIM but had already been requested.

mcshan by Newcomer
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Number transfer

I have transferred my number to my new sim but it has not worked properly and I asked 48 themselves and I waited 2 months to get a reply. What do I do because when my mom calls me it goes straight to the dial tone? Can someone help me please?


Hello, I would like to use my phone while I am away in Europe next week.What do I need to do?.Willie

Resolved! Internet settings on Microsoft lumia 650

Hey, I've set up my network and internet numerous times over the years with no issues, however doing it on my Lumia 650 is a bit trickier. APN and MMS are split into two seperate profiles, and a few of the options aren't listed on it that are require...

No service abroad

I am in Amsterdam and my phone isn’t working I have been waiting and I still have no service

dshea96 by Newcomer
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Sim code

Hi my partner cant remember email address to do tgis himself or his sim code to unlock the phone can you help me get it