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Service Problems - Verification SMS

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‎05-01-2021 05:08 PM

Hi, wonder if someone can help me with a tricky issue.


I have been using 48 for 3 months now, and normal calling, sms, internet are all working mostly fine.
I cannot receive verification/password SMS messages from certain services.  For example requests from SumUp or pins numbers from DocuSign or Verified by Visa.
Other services can message me fine, e.g. Banks, 48 notifications, An Post, DHL and individuals. 

At a guess it's something to do with where the message is coming from, potentially outside Ireland ?
The same services could message me fine when I was on Vodafone a few months ago, or on Gomo previously.  The same services are working fine for my wife.  I've confirmed the numbers.

I have been in touch with 48 customer care but they could not help at all.


If anyone has any ideas that would be great... otherwise I will have to move to another provider this week.  Thanks.


Re: Service Problems - Verification SMS

The Legend
Posts: 15,995
‎05-01-2021 06:04 PM

A few people have reported such problems but it seems to be OK for others.

For example I get all of mine - including Verified by VISA which is one of the one that you report as problematic?

I don't really understand why some people have problems in this area but if 48 support can't explain or fix it maybe nobody can? :-(

I am not a 48 employee so if you need to contact 48 support then please see here.

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