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Roaming with new sim


Hi I was prompted to get a new sim form 48 because i had trouble roaming.

I travelled to the uk last week and it did connect when i arrived but when i left the hotel wifi the roaming didnt work and after  about 20 attempts manualy to reconnect it did but the next time i left wifi again the roaming again dropped out.

No help online only to be told get another sim..( a 3rd..!!)

Also my daughter is currently in Portugal and it didnt connect to roaming at all despite numorous attemots and contacting web chat telling her to do all the settings again ...!!! but still not working and in the end after an hour was told to re order a new sim also...very very frustrating when only getting wifi in hotel or a bar.

Not a good start for 48 who said these new sim cards would fix the roaming issue automtically...but clearly not ...and customer service says there is no reorted must be just our 2 cards...but we actually have 8 family members with accounts who will all be moving provider if this isnt resolved..

by the way the webchat sais that a new sim will not be able to see if roaming will work until we travel again ...ffs


The Legend
The Legend

I can understand your frustration.

Sounds like the roaming issues are still ongoing, for some reason.

I'd be very skeptical of the SIM itself or its replacement being relevant in this context.


Not meaning to sound trite, but did anything here help at all or might it help for those that you know who are still having roaming issues?

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.

I had the same issue in NI today - couldn't get any data roaming to work. I also have a replacement SIM. I now carry a 2nd non-48 SIM so I can be sure of data while roaming. It's not really good enough.