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My Roaming Page has disappeared

My roaming balance went to 9.98GB .. as of yesterday. . I could use the small world icon to access it .. when I access it I get a page called THE SAFE .. nothing about roaming .. the page has vanished .. on that page yesterday was 9.98GB and towards ...

can't use my activiation code

can't use my activation codeI registered 48 yesterday and move my number to 48. Today I want to join membership but I could use my activation code. it said that SIM has already been registered. 

Can't make a call after porting

I got my number ported over on Thursday, now if I try to make a call I get a message saying my membership has ran out, time to buy a new one.. Tried emailing customer support, no reply, facebook messaged them no reply. Absolute joke of a network, I'm...

Porting over business number

Hello, I'm trying to port over my old number, which is currently under my employers plan, so it won't let me do it automatically.  I've tried to contact support through twitter but haven't received a response and it's been over 24 hours.  Any suggest...

What's the Credit left.

What's this. Credit left. I thought you paid 7.99 for a monthly membership and got unlimited text and calls plus 100 gb of data.