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Network coverage is bad in my house at Leopardstown, Dublin

Am new to Ireland and found an house at Elmfield apartments, Leopardstown, Dublin.I have a 48 months plan and sorry but the network coverage seems to be very bad inside the house.Connection is completely on and off - and when it comes i get max 2 poi...

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why cant i call abroad from ireland?

hey i want to make a call to london while i am still in the repubic of ireland. can i not make international calls?

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receiving picture mms

I've tried to check the data settings for my new Samsung J3 to find out that 48months do not support configuration of my samsung phone. I can't send or receive mms, I do have internet. Has anybody any update on this problem?

In the UK bought credit phone still doesn't ring

Im in London all summer and I bought credit about a week ago and when people try to ring my phone from a UK landline, it doesn't ring at all. I never had this problem before and I don't know how to fix it. 

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Forget PIN-when i put there PUK it says-enter desired PIN??

Hey i forgot my PIN code, si i found out my PUK - thats on the special card, also here when i sign in. Ok i get it. But when i put it in my phone it says - your sim card was unlocked - please enter your the desired PIN - which one? i cant use a new a...