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Voicemail problems solved - thanks to 48 support

Hi. My wife and I had problems trying to activate voicemail on android. We logged onto My48 chat and our problems were solved within minutes. My wife would like to thank Raj and I would like to thank Senha (I think that's the lady's name). Must say w...

Resolved! Phone won't save new APN settings

Hi, I inherited an old phone which was fine with 2 old providers. Phone is not locked to other providers. I followed step by step instructions to change settings frm yr site. I choose option to save apn settings and they disappear. Have done few time...

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Phone number issue

I basically undedstood that don’t move my number means don’t change it, with my just understanding I don’t know what to do and I need my old number as the new one I can’t use. I don’t know what to do and I need my old number that’s all.

Trying to port number but getting "MSISDN already exists"

Hi, I have recently purchased a new sim card as my old activation code was invalid. When it asks if I want to move my old number or get a new number I click move old number. It then asks me to enter my number and when I do it it says this msisdn alre...

Can we change the SIM from my son's name to mine?

Will 48change my SIM over to my name as the SIM is in my son's name and when it goes wrong I have to ring him and it was supposed to send a reply back to him and it would be easier for it to be in my name

Keep old number

Hi There, I moved to your network recently and I chose to keep my old number. However it doesn't seem that this has worked. Can someone help? Thanks