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3 & Lyca offer eSIM, why not 48?

I really want to switch to 48, but since I have the U.S. version of the iPhone I can’t switch without eSIM support.3 and Lyca Mobile support eSIM, why not 48?

Want to cancel the move to 48 & get a refund

I paid for a plan with 48 m, but my old number didn’t come to my new phone. I want to cancel my plan and get my €26 back, but I can’t because my old number is currently being transferred to this phone. Could you please help to get my money back?

Seeking eSIM for iPhone 15

Good afternoon! I can’t transfer my phone to a new phone. I have a physical SIM card, I need to convert it to a virtual one. since the 15 Pro Mac does not have a SIM card slot. can you help, you need to try through the QR code.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 not getting service

So I my friend just got a new phone after his old one was stole, ordered new sim, everything works fine, inserted the sim and it can't get any service, tried everything I found online but nothing seems to be working. I tried all of the airplane mode ...

Can't get roaming to work in UK

Ok so I've been with 48 from the start, I know exactly how to switch over to roaming when on holiday, I could nearly do it with my eyes closed.I was using a "oneplus 6" but recently upgraded to the "oneplus 9 pro"The problem I have is there's no opti...

Resolved! Can I forward incoming calls to another number on 48?

Hi,I want to forward incoming calls to another number. On other networks there may be short codes to allow this?The option is greyed out on my pixel phone saying it's controlled by the network.Under billing it says call forwarding is 50c per minute.

zg3409 by Visitor
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Text messages failing all of the sudden

My text messages are failing since yesterday I have not changed any settings on my phone and now my texts are failing. iMessages are sending fine but Text are failing. I have 10 days left on my membership and unlimited texts.