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Porting Number Problem


Hi guys, I wanted some help to solve the query . The problem occured is that My SIM is of 48 and my friend had TESCO . He told me that he want to port number to 48 . So from my 48 app he input his TESCO number and OTP for port request. After that porting in progress message was shown. And what just happened is  my 48 number gone somewhere and his TESCO moblie number ported to my 48 sim. His call and texts are coming on my phone . Now, what to do please help. Any idea or suggestions would be helpful. Thank You in advance!!


The Legend
The Legend

Why on earth did you request his number to be ported from Tesco to 48 while logged into your My48 account?

That means that your original number is now gone and you have his number - because that is precisely what you requested to happen. You asked for his number to be ported to your 48 account.

He should have:

  1. Registered his own details on 48 and requested a new SIM
  2. When he received the 48 SIM he should have activated the SIM
  3. Then he should have logged into HIS My48 account and ported his number over to his 48 account.

You'll have to contact 48 support about this but I suspect that they may not be able to do anything about it since you requested this port.

See the link in my signature below or email them at

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support then please click here - if the Chat Now option does not appear on that page then keep trying until it does.