Getting Started - How to Activate your 48 SIM.

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Yes, your SIM has arrived and you're ready and eager to get started. 


You'll need to activate your 48 SIM when it arrives to finalise your account set up, receive your free 1GB and begin using your services. 


Once your SIM is active, move your exsisting number or receive a new one from us. If your not ready to move your number immediately then opt to take a temporary number and you can move your exsisting number at a later time. 


Activating and moving your number is swift and to the point so for ease we've split the actions into two articles just to make it more transparent for first time customer who may not be familar with the steps. 


How do I activate My48 SIM?


    1. Vist or just click 👉 here
    2. Select Activate SIM
    3. Login to your My48 using your email & password combo from your SIM order. 
    4. Select "My SIM has Arrived"
    5. Enter your 6-digit activation code that’s printed on credit card sized packaging.
    6. Move your number or Receive a new number 

Activate Sim .png



How do I move my number 

We've put together a step by step guide so there's no surprises and you know exactly what you need to do to move your number. See full steps and more useful info here



Do your bit - You can dispose of your SIM packaging in your the brown bin (just remove the glue dot first) as its 100% compostable  


Activation code problems. 


I lost my activation code? 

If you've lost your 6 character activation code you can activate your SIM by entering the long number on the back of your SIM Card, it’ll look like this - 1122333445556BB


Enter 893531 and include the first 12 digits of your SIM number (exclude the last digit & both alphabetical letters) now select activate and your in action. Example - 893531112233344555


 Problems with activating a SIM. 

If your activation request has failed, it's first worth clearing your browser history and restarting your browser then try the activation process again. Alternatively try a completely different browser or device.  

"Sorry, that isn't a valid activation code” 

If you're recived an error message and have double/triple checked you're entering the right code/SIM number get in touch with our Care Crew here . Have your SIM number available to share so we can get you back in action. 


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