Getting Started - How to Activate your 48 SIM.

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Yes, your SIM has arrived and you’re eager to get set up. Either that or you’re just doing a bit of research, so you know your next steps once it does, I like it! If you haven't ordered your new 48 SIM yet here’s another opportunity to do so 😉 tap here 


Just a heads up - You'll need to activate your 48 SIM when it arrives to start using 48 services and to receive your free 1GB. Not sure how, dont worry we've outline the activation steps below to help!  


When you're activating your SIM you’ll have a choice to move your current number to 48 or select a new number from us. Have a look at a handy guide we’ve create on How to Move Your Number so there's no surprises and you're prepped to get started. 


How do I activate My48 SIM?


    1. Go to the Activate SIM option on or just click 👉 here
    2. Login to your My48 account using the email & password you created when you ordered your SIM. 
    3. Click the option"My SIM has Arrived"
    4. Next enter your 6-digit activation code that’s on packaging you just removed your SIM from. 
    5. If you’ve misplaced your SIM pack & your activation code, don’t worry then you can enter the long SIM number on the back of your SIM card or contact our Care Crew who will be happy to help! 
    6. Then make your decision on weither you want to keep your old number or if you want a new number from us. 
    7. See full steps on how to move your number here



Do your bit - Don’t forget to throw your SIM packaging into the brown bin (just remove the glue dot first) as its 100% compostable  


Problems with activating a SIM. 

If your activation request has failed, it's worth clearing your browser history, restarting the browser and trying the activation process again. If this fails, try it in a completely different browser or PC.  


Activation code problems. 


Where's my activation code

Your SIM activation code is located on the credit card sized plastic packaging that you would of removed your SIM from. It's typically 6 characters long and it's be right under your PIN & PUK code. 


I lost my activation code? 

If you've lost your 6 character activation code then you can enter the long number thats on the back of your SIM. You'll just need to add these 5 digits first 89353. So, if your SIM number is 1110001234567 then add 89353 meaning you'll enter 893531110001234567. 

"Sorry, that isn't a valid activation code” 

If you get this message even after double
/triple checking you've entered the right code then it's best to contact the Care Crew here - make sure to include in the subject "activation code problem" as well as your 19-digit SIM number (the long number on your SIM). 



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