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Resolved! Membership Payment Problems

It says I have paid my membership, but it's not appearing in my history or allowing me to call or text.I don't want to buy another membership and get double-charged, that has happened before.What to do????

Anon by Not applicable
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Resolved! Voucher top-up?

Put in the code and the page refreshed and all but the account credit didn't change. assumed it just took a while but it's been 20/30 minutes and still no change? I've tried 2/3 times and still nothing?

Resolved! Roaming outside the EU

Hi, I'm going to Thailand next week and was just wondering will my phone work out there?

kc123 by Newcomer
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Resolved! No calls and internet

I can't make calls and use my Internet , it has been going on for 1day now

Anon by Not applicable
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Resolved! top up

Can you help me please i payed my money into top up instead of membership and I can not make calls can you transfer it over please