Solved: 48 Android App Issues: Redirecting to the Community.

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Solved: 48 Android App Issues: redirecting to the 48 Community


Issue: you've opened your 48 App on your android phone so you can check out the features and top up or purchase an add-on. Instead, you've found yourself redirected to the 48 Community. Not cool! We know being able to use the 48 App is important to you and your lifestyle so we've worked hard to exterminate that bug!


The solution: It's quick and easy; all you need to do is update to the newest version of the 48 App. 



  • The 48 App will update automatically If your auto-update is turned ON in your settings (phone settings)


What if you don't have auto-update turned on in your settings?

  • You'll receive a notification from Play Store but only if  'update notifications' are turned ON (phone settings)


What if your 'update notifications' settings are turned off?

  • If auto-update and notifications are turned off, you won’t know about new app version availability but all is not lost. Open Play Store and search for the 48 App. When you find it, you'll see the update button, select that and your phone will do the rest of the work 😊


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