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The guido

Hi I bought credit online yesterday and when I went online my membership never changed. I did the same again this morning and it didn't change. I hope I have not got charged for my 2 attempts.

My calls

I just baught my standard membership and all my call minutes is gone but its only few days into it

Credit Balance

I have €4 on my account but I need €10 for the Guido package. Is there some way I can top up by €6?

My phone doesn't work abroad

I have updated my membership and paid €7.50 for add ons for EU ROAMING. But I am here in Amsterdam and my phone says there is no service or "searching". Also in the settings on My phone the 'carrier' option disappears every time I go into it.I was wo...

Credit nearly gone

Hi I topped up by 5€ to set up iMessage but now it's down to 41c can you check where it's gone ?

Monthly mem on the double

I paid my May membership twice in error ; just see from bank statement it went through twiceJust paid my June membership this morning ; it's due 11th and my membership saying it's in credit and expires 11th June.Can the double payment in May be refun...

internet only option ?

Hello , can you make an internet only package ? say 20GB for 15 euro or something along the lines ??  I use internet more than calls and know many people looking for this type of package , i have stuck the sim into unlocked modem sticks and the inter...

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Resolved! internet/landline min

My membership is set to renew automatically. The standard package I was on has finished but it did not renew to the new €10 package. Instead I got the 300 min, unlimited text, no data allowance (should be1GB) and 20 landline mins (should be 60).

My 48

Hi I can't see my 48 account and my mobile data is gone and I want to buy an ad on but I can't thanks