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Hi,I recently topped up my account by €10 on 18th of August.The money was taken from my account, but it is not appearing in my balance in 48.Please advise, as I need to re-activate my membership.Thanks

Security limitations

I'm trying to renew my membership but whenever I put through the transaction it says it can't go through due to security limitations. I've tried it with a few different credit cards but the same thing happens with all of them. What do I do?

About to turn 22

Im due to turn 22 soon, this Tuesday.My last membership ended a few days ago.What happens then ?Also if I buy a membership today, will it last for a whole month or be gone once I hit 22??

dedav21 by Newcomer
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Won't accept payments?

I've put in to top up and comes up error so u went to buy gift to top up my phone and said your not accepting payments at this time try again later? I need to put credit on my phone

irish92 by Newcomer
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Extending my membership

My membership ends on the 13th. Is there a way I can extend the membership and keep the sim I already have? Or do i have to buy a new membership/sim?

Change my plan

Hey guys I have been with 48 a while now and started off with €10 package now I'm trying to change my plan to €20 a month but don't know how all help would be great full plz!!

Anon by Not applicable
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Membership problems

I topped up and sent in a message "monthly", they told me I was set up and ready to use my membership. But when I tried making a call or sent a message, it wouldn't let me saying I had no credit.....I had topped up by €20 and now they've gone to wast...

aqsaa by Newcomer
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Membership problems

Bought €10 credit the first time but didnt recieve any membership, e.g free texts and calls. Then bought €10 credit again and topped up, but still experiencing the same problems.... Please fix this problem ASAP (+353894783602),

aqsaa by Newcomer
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Hi,Last night, bought the Guido plan, however I was billed twice and and received two plans but I only need and want one. Is there any way of getting reimbursed?Thanks,Richard