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SIM card activation


I am so disappointed with this service. I moved to another provider but wanted to give 48 one last trial.

I have tried to contact you and have had zero success. Its's quite frustrating and worrying seeing as ye are taking money out of my account each month.

There is no apparent option to cancel the subscription on web page.


I cannot afford to waste any more money.

My number was 0892554848 which I had tried to keep for work reasons but as a result of you not replying to any of my queries on keeping this number I seem to have last access to it and thus many clients I had built up can no longer contact me.

I am beyond patience with this matter so please see to it urgently.


The Legend
The Legend

Your post is a bit confusing.

The title is "SIM card activation" but your issue doesn't seem to be with SIM activation at all?

If you want to leave 48 then see here:

All you need to do to avoid any ongoing changes is to disable membership auto-renewal:

You seem to have had a problem trying to port your number to 48 but you don't clarify what the issue was.

And you don't seem to have ever posted about it before here on the Community Forum.

The process for porting a number is explained here:

If you need to contact 48 support then see the link in my signature below or email them at

By the way, it's not a good idea to post personal details such as your phone number in a public forum like this where anybody can see and use it.

You should probably edit your post to remove it.

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.