I bought my membership - why can't I call or text?

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‎25-09-2015 01:05 PM


Like everything there is always a smple explaination.  I've fairly sure if you check below you'll understand what's happening.




Has your membership expired yet?


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If you’ve bought a new membership and you’re not able to call or text, chances are your old membership hasn’t expired yet. Your new membership will only kick in once your current membership expires. You can check out when that is here.


Look under the membership planner on the right hand side.




Has your account been suspended?


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48 have a fair usage policy. If you’re in breach of this then your membership might be suspended. You should have got plenty of warning via email about this from the care crew. If you’ve been suspended, nothing you can do now but wait until your current membership expires so that your next one can kick in.




Has your membership been processed?


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When you check your 48 account here, can you see that you have a valid membership or do you see that it is still “processing”? If it hasn’t been too long best to leave it for a little while. If you’re waiting for more than a couple of hours then it’s best to get on to the care crew here.



If this has not help then get back in touch with the care crew.


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