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Membership plan payment taken for SIM that was lost


My sim associated with this email id active but money is being deducted from my bank account with the account account associated with this, kindly look into resolving this issue and let me know if anything else is needed from my side. Please deactivate the payment type and deduction as I'm unable to do the same.

Phone number of the lost sim : 0892639739


Kind Regards,



The Legend
The Legend

I presume that the payment was taken because you had membership auto-renewal enabled and that will continue to work even if the SIM is lost and will only stop if you disable it or you port your number to another provider.

You can disable membership auto-renewal via your My48 account:

If you need to contact 48 support about this then see the links in my signature below.

It's not a good idea to post personal details such as your phone number on a public forum like this where anybody can see and use it.

You might want to edit your post to remove it.

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.