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Hi, I was considering buying the 100GB of data internet plan for 10.99 for business purposes. I did have a question about the streaming ability. As files I stream could be up to 8GB per stream, would there be any chance that this could cut off during my stream? I wouldn't be upset if it came to the term that I may have to purchase more data during the month as an add-on just to be sure I have enough. Just if it's a big file I don't want it to cut off midway as this would affect my business.

Also, I saw that 48 uses the 3 network towers is this correct? And I assume I would be able to use the LTE service where available if it is using the 3 mobile towers.

Many thanks Graham.


The Legend
The Legend
If you use up your 100GB data allowance then your connectivity will stop. If that happens while you're watching streamed content then obviously the stream will be cut off. If you use up your membership allowance of 100GB then you can buy a data add-on (€3 for 1GB) for continued connectivity.

Personally I'm not sure that 48 is the ideal network to be running a business on even though I'm perfectly happy with it as a personal user.

48 operate on the 3 network but (according to them) with some of their own equipment in places so it's not literally the same as the 3 network as far as I know. Either way, 48 supports 4G/LTE.

Hope this helps.
I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.

Yeah, I've been using them personally for years and its the 100GB of data that beats 3 unlimited deal data wise and having the option to purchase more whenever required is very appealing and cost-efficient, compared to deal I am currently on but it wouldn't do any harm to purchase a month and test it I suppose, but I'd imagine if the LTE service is available I would be okay.

Thank you for the response though, its greatly appreciated!!