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I am having trouble with my 48 internet... have applied the correct internet settings on my phone but I am still getting no data even tho I have an active' do i get it working?



Try the online Tweakker configurator first - if that works then that's great - you're done!


If your specific phone model is not listed then try choosing one that is "similar" as that may also work.


If, as happens to many people including me, it does not work (e.g. never sends any configuration settings to your phone) then you will need to configure the settings manually so read on...


Make sure that your membership is active and you actually do have a data allowance through your membership or a data add-on.

Dial *100*8# to check your data allowance balance.


Handy short-codes


Make sure that your settings match those below.


MMSC: http://mmc1/servlets/mms
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8080
MCC: 272
MNC: 11
APN Type: default,mms,supl


It that APN Type doesn't work then try:


APN Type: *


Leave all other fields blank/not set (including Authentication type).

Make sure that data roaming is enabled.

Make sure that data is enabled.


If you configure these settings and they still don't work then please DOUBLE CHECK that you did not make any mistakes - e.g. some people have entered instead of etc. The settings must be entered EXACTLY as specified above.


If you already have internet/APN settings but they are different to those above then reconfigure your settings so they match those above or delete any existing APNs and start again and add the 48 one anew.


If internet/data still does not work after configuring the settings correctly then try powering off and on again and maybe manually scanning for networks and connecting to 48.


If internet access still doesn't work then contact 48 support for assistance:


Hope this helps.


How do I add/configure an APN on my phone?


You need to check the documentation and user interface for your phone for specific instructions.


However, on most Android phones, the process is similar although there may be slight differences how to navigate the menu options to get to the right place and slight differences in the options that can be configured.


See here for an example of a general guide for Android phones:


Similarly, for iOS, the specific menus/options may differ depending on the phone and version of iOS. But this is what Apple have to say about it: 


And here is another third party guide (which may or may not be for a specific version of iOS):


If necessary Google for specific instructions for your phone.


A note about personal hotspot setup on iPhones


Once you have your internet APN set up and data/internet access working you can also use this connection as part of a personal hotspot (this will probably use up your data allowance more quickly than "normal" internet access so keep an eye on your quota and that you don't breach the fair usage limits).


This is generally straightforward on Android (and Windows?) but Apple sometimes make it more difficult on some iPhones/iOS versions for some reason...


Some people find that their iPhone / iOS 8 does not show the personal hotspot option in which case the following workaround may be required:


But note:


  1. At around 1 minute into that video, he has Personal Hotspot > APN = gadget. Enter instead.
  2. At around 2 minutes into that video, he has Mobile Data > APN = internet and also Personal Hotspot > APN = internet. Enter instead.

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