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Will I be able to receive texts while roaming in Russia?


I plan to visit Russia on business in the New Year. I have used the online 48 chat and sent an email to 48mobile and I cant get an answer that I need. I expained that I will be in Moscow Russia in the New Year and I had no intention of making or receiving calls or sending a text but I needed to know could I receive a text from Ireland without having to put any extra money into my 48mobile account. I explained I have Active plan: 100GB  with Membership with unlimited calls and texts and I was well aware that Russia was not in the EU/UK. The nonsense they sent me back did not remotely answer my question . To cut a long story short I am unsure how many days I will be in Russia so I am going on a one way ticket and due to sanctions I am unable to use my credit card in Russia but I can book a ticket online from an Irish website from Russia but my bank will send me a text with a code that I must enter to enable me to finalize my booking to return to Ireland. I am having nightmares of been stuck in Russia being unable to receive a text and 48mobile have been of no help whatsover understanding my situation. Even if I say put €10 credit in my 48mobile account am I guaranteed to receive a text from Ireland . I would be very interested in the communities opinions and perhaps one of you have been in this situation. On a seperate note I have recently returned from Rome using 48mobile roaming for the first time. Everything worked perfectly and all I had to do was set my phone to roaming before leaving Ireland .


The Legend
The Legend

Russia is listed here (under Rest of Europe) as a supported roaming country and the relevant charges are also listed (receiving texts is free):

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.