Can't get online?

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Try our automated internet settings page.  Why waste time entering all the settings manually when it could just take you a few clicks.



You can get all the settings you need via “My 48”.  Click this link.             



You will see our simple instructions page.


go to tweakker.png


Hit the "GO TO TWEAKKER" button and then choose your phone type. 



Enter in your mobile number and tick the box to confirm you are not a robot.  Then hit the "CONFIRM" button.


enter mob and sec code.png



Depending on your phone type you might see the following message.



internet settings success.png 



That means your settings are on the way.  You will also see instructions about how to install the settings.



internet settings instructions.png



For certain types of phones though you will not receive the settings by text.  If that’s the case you will see the following screens.



your phone cannot be automatically.png manual instructions.png



Follow the step by step instructions on the right hand side.




Ensure both data roaming and mobile data are both switched on.



You should now be able to use 48’s mobile internet.  If not contact a 48 agent.


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