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iPhone 5S - service provider not supported


Hello I just bought a contract and inserted the sim and getting this error, that the service provider not supported, how do i fix this?


The Legend
The Legend

What is the exact error message? 

"SIM not supported" usually means that the iPhone is locked to another network. 

I'm not sure about "Service provider not supported".

Did you activate the SIM?

Are you sure that the phone is unlocked for use on any network?

If it is then the problem may be due to the stupid activation mechanism that Apple uses. 

This involves the phone silently sending an SMS message to a UK number to activate it. 

Because international texts are not covered by 48 membership plan allowances this message will fail to send unless you have some cash credit on your account to pay for it. 

So you could try putting €1 cash credit on your account, turn the phone off and on again and see if it them starts working. 

If it doesn't then you may need to contact 48 support for further assistance.

See the links in my signature below.

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.