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Unable to order sim, "accessing the page outside Ireland".


Hello, I want to join 48, but I am unable to order SIM, because I am getting an error that I'm "accessing the page outside Ireland". I tried ordering throgh my phone (wi-fi and transfer), as well as through my laptop with multiple browsers, incognito mode included, and through a PC in my job. I am located in Dublin, so I don't quite understand why the error is happening. 

I've seen a similar post already, being resolved by talking to 48's employee, but I cannot find any option to do that now, no e-mail or nothing is provided. I'm quite demotivated to join already, since such a simple step is causing so much trouble and there is no easy way to resolve it. 

I would appreciate any help and response.


The Legend
The Legend

I never heard anything before about 48 geo-blocking users.

But even that may not be the case here when you've tried different networks etc.


Email them at and see what they suggest.

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support then please click here - if the Chat Now option does not appear on that page then keep trying until it does.