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3G Internet

HiI'm a member for over a year and for the last 3 weeks my 3G coverage is showing up to 3 bars but my internet connection will not open or any apps that need mobile network, this used to work. I just got upgrade to €20 a month and can only use my pho...

mobile data

im only new here but everywhere i go round longford no matter where il im gettin is te signal 'E' on my nokia RM-1012 and plus i have my data roaming turned on

Reached FUP

Hi, i have a question. If i reached my monthly FUP in membership…what can i do? Will my connection slow down or i have to buy add-on? Thank u

Mobile data not working

Recently got a Samsung galaxy s5 and no matter what I do it won't work. I had an iPhone before hand and the mobile data on that wirked fine. Any help would be great thanks.

Mobile data not working?

It was working yesterday morning then just stopped at lunch time. I noticed at one point that i could only make emergency calls so I rebooted phone and that solved that issue? Any known problems?Thx

terpa by Newcomer
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Data usage on iPhone 5c

My phone eats my data. I exit all apps and don't use the Facebook app at all when I turn on my data, yet my data will be gone within a couple of days ... Any ideas on why this is so?


I sent an email few days ago and it was still not answered I don't know why the Internet doesn't work I really need it . I configured it and it worked for 2 days and now I have the same problem again still dsnt work tried configuration it again y doe...