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UK Roaming. Data only working on 3 UK, not VF/EE/02?


Hi folks

I'm regularly roaming across the ROI/NI border weekly.


I can't get data to work on most networks in the North.


Only network that works for internet is Three UK

Vodafone, O2, EE - All those networks are Voice and SMS only, no Data.

Unfortunately, i'm frequently in rural areas where only O2 and/or Vodafone have decent coverage. Three UK are good in the larger towns and cities.

it's getting frustrating having to manually browse available networks, hoping to get a connection to Three UK, then my phone going mad as it loses connection, dinging me constantly until to toggle the network selection from Manual to Automatic (moving me back to a Voice/SMS network only)

I've double, triple and quadruple checked the APN settings repeatedly, deleting and recreating according to the 48 Troubleshooting webpages and videos.

The problem has persisted across 3 phones, and 2 different accounts


Can anyone else confirm or refute these symptoms - i.e. data only on Three UK network and none other.


Also - I have to go into the 48 SIM tool and manually toggle the roaming between Local and International manually every time I cross the border so i can get Voice/SMS - massively aggravating



Who Me Too'd this topic