Getting Started - Order Your FREE 48 SIM.

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To order your free 48 SIM, visit the Order SIM section on or order through your My48 app (available on Android and IOS), in hurry then just tap here. 



Just a Head Ups: while your waiting for your SIM to arrive its best to check your phones unlocked. We've a full guide here  Unlock Guide that goes into more detail but in summary if your phones locked to your current network then it wont accept your 48 SIM.


We want you to be up and running as soon as possible so if your unsure it worths having a look or you can give your current provider a shout and the can request your unlock code if your phone’s locked to their network. 


How do I know what SIM to Order?

Our SIMs are “Trio SIMs so this means it's a 'normal' SIM, a micro SIM and a Nano SIM all in one which means it will fit into any type of phone. The edges are perforated so you can pop out the size that you need, happy days!


When can I expect my SIM to arrive? 

We use An Post so your SIM will be delivered within in 5-7 days. Don't count weekend days though! 


Can I track my SIM delivery?

You won’t need to, we’ll do the work for you! We’ll email you once you’ve placed your order and once again when your SIM has been dispatched.  


I haven’t received my SIM.

If it has been over 7 days since you've ordered your SIM (not counting the weekend) then its looks like somethings gone astray. We’re sorry about that! 


To get you back on track then place a new order here and do a double take on your address just to ensure your  entering your complete address.  


Nexts Steps...


Once your SIMs arrived you'll need to activate it to start getting a service. Go to the Activate your SIM page here or on your My48 app. 


If you need some guidance or just fancy some extra reading material then check out our guide on how to activate you SIM here. 




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