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Getting Started - Order Your FREE 48 SIM.

Started ‎21-04-2020 by
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How do I order a 48 SIM? 


To order your free 48 SIM tap here. 

SIMs can also be ordered through your My48 app (available on Android and IOS), this option is available to both existing and new customers.  


Our SIMs are “Trio SIMs so it is a 'normal' SIM, a micro SIM and a Nano SIM all in one which means it will fit into any type of phone. 


Just a Head Ups: We want you to be up and running as soon as possible on your 48 SIM so make sure your phones unlocked. Check out our Unlock Guide for more support and if you are still not sure, get in touch with your current network and they can check if your phone’s locked to their network.   


When can I expect my SIM to arrive? 

We use An Post so your SIM will be delivered within in 5-7 days. Don't count weekend days though! 


Can I track my SIM Delivery?

You won’t need to, we’ll do the work for you! We’ll email you once you’ve placed your order and once again when your SIM has been dispatched.  


I haven’t received my free SIM.

If it has been over 7 days since you ordered the SIM (not counting the weekend) then its looks like it vanished into a black hole somewhere. We’re sorry about that! 


To get you back on track order a new SIM here & ensure that you enter your complete address.  

As soon as you get your SIM; go to the Activate your SIM page or activate your SIM through your My48 app (available on Android and IOS), 


Alternatively you can ask our technical guys to fix up your account so that we can get you back on your feet. Just get in touch with the Care Crew hereThis process can take a couple of days though.

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