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Can I keep my Number? 

Absolutely, when you’re activating your SIM you’ll have a choice to move your number to 48 or select a new number from us. See the quick how-to video below.



Its worth noting that when your do active your 48 SIM that you can opt to take a tempoary number for the moment and then move your number once your account has been set up.


This allows you to have a service on your old network SIM and your new 48 SIM until your number move has completed. As soon as your exsisting number moves then the service on your old sim will no longer be available and your up and running on 48. 


Quick Steps. 


  1. Login to your My48 account
  2. Go to My Profile and select Move your number, in a hurry click here  👉 Move my number 
  3. Pop the number you want to move to 48 into the box and hit “Move”. Enter format as 08XXXXXXXX
  4. You'll receive a security code by text to that number within 15 minutes. 
  5. Select the account type (account types exaplained ⬇️ ) 
  6. Enter the security code you received by SMS. 
  7. Have a quick read of the T&Cs and then hit “move your number”. 



Just a Heads Up  


  • We want you to be up and running asap so do make sure your phone’s unlocked.  If your handset is still locked to your old provider you wont be able to use 48 services. Click here to find out more.
  • Once you've confirmed your handsets unlocked pop your old network’s SIM back into your phone as we'll send you a security code by SMS in order to move your number.  
  • If your old network SIM has no service or you cant receive the security code SMS then you'll need to make contact with your old provider as they'll have visibility of your old account. 
  • We’ll also need to know the type of account you had with your old network. If you submit the incorrect account type details then your old network will reject our request until the correct information is provided. See account types exlained below and if your still unsure just ask your old provider and they'll let you know what your account type is. 


Account Types Explained

Prepay - you were pay as you go with your old network and topped up your account. You'll need to know if your details were registered or unregistered to your old account. Basically if your old network had your personal details i.e name, address etc. 

Bill Pay:  You either had a contract or sim only plan and you paid your bill monthly. We'll need your old bill pay account number you'll find this on an old bill or if your not sure just give your old network a shout.

Business/Family Account - There’s more than one number on the account(multi-line). We'll need your old bill pay account number you'll find this on an old bill or if your not sure just give your old network a shout. As there's mre then one number these requests taken a bit longer to go through so to make the move easier for you,you can opt to select a new number temporarily from us when you activate your SIM. Then follow the above steps to move your number. 


Quick Tip - If you've teken a new number from us then this is saved on your My48 account. Just Login to your My48 >> Go My Profile >> My details and your number will display here.


What if I select a new number but then change my mind?  

We’ve got you covered, if you change your mind you can still move your existing number to your 48 SIM. Login to My48 >> My Profile >> Move Your Number. In a hurry just click 👉 here


Are there only certain hours I can move my number? 

Yes, all networks work between the below hours for moving numbersOutside opening hours, you can still submit your request, but the clock won’t start until the next morning opening hours begin.


  • Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm (except Bank Holidays) 
  • Saturday - Sunday & Bank Holidays 10am - 4pm


If you submitted your number to move during opening hours, see above, then the time it takes to complete will vary depending on your old network account type.


  • Prepay & Bill pay accounts can take between 2 - 3 hours.
  • Business/Family take upto 24hrs 


I got an email to say there's a problem with moving my number? 

Not to worry this can happen and its easy fix. Your current network will reject our request to move your number if the details you've entered dont match their records. So for example if you select you've a prepay registered account but you actually have a prepay unregistered account then you'll get an email from us to let you know your number hasnt moved but to try again. To resubmit your request then login to your My48>> Settings >>Move Your Number and start afresh. To avoid getting the same email again it might be best to get onto your current provider and they'll give your exact details so you can get moved over. 


I didn't get an email but my number hasn't moved yet?

There can be a few reasons for this so check the below. 


  1. If you've submitted to move your number outside opening hours then the request wont start until the next days opening hours begin. So for example you've submitted your prepay registered number to move at 8pm on a Tuesday then your request will stay onhold until 8am on Wednesday morning and then it'll begin processing. Weekend opening hours for moving your number are shorter so its good to bear this in mind too.
  2. If you've a Business/Family plan these take 24 hours to complete and only during opening days and hours. So for example you submit your request at 9am Monday morning then the request will only begin to process at 9am Tuesday morning. If you submit the request on Saturday at 10am then your request wont start until Monday at 10am and will complete on Tuesday by 10am. 

If you've followed the above and still need some help then give our Care Crew a shout and they'll be happy to help in getting this resolved for you.



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