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Roaming hasn't worked last 3 EU trips - what to do?


My last three visits to Europe,Slovakia Spain and Romania and roaming didn’t work in any country,I tried an android and apple phone but nothing works,I configured APN settings etc it’s very frustrating to have to buy local SIM cards or e-sims constantly,there must be a solution to this,has anyone got any info please to fix this,thanks everyone


Am I better off changing networks? Has anyone else had the same experience as me?

If your SIM predates January 2023 then you may need a replacement to avoid roaming issues:

If you are having roaming problems then check these two threads that may help:

If that doesn't help then you'll have to contact 48 support.

See the links in my signature below.

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.