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SIM won't register to 48 network on return from Italy



I've just returned from Italy where I was unable to access any data while roaming.   I was able to make and receive calls and texts.   My problem now is that I've no service at all (data, calls or texts) now that I'm back in Ireland.  


When I turn-off auto-select of a network, my phone now shows "48 4G" as an available network (among all the usual ones (Vodafone, Meteor, etc) but if I select it, I get "the network service you selected is unavailable. we recommend turning on Auto Select".     If I turn on auto-select, I get "cannot connect to this service at the moment - try again later".


My phone is a OnePlus 9.    I've been on My48 for several months and the service was working fine until I left the country last week.   My home page shows that i should have unlimited calls and texts.  I tried the 48 SIM in my old OnePlus 5 and the same problem shows up.


I'll log a call with support in the morning - just wondering if anyone has seen a similar problem.




Who Me Too'd this topic