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How to add family members to my account




Firstly I apologise if this question is going in the wrong place. I have been seaching around the community area for a while and can't find the answer to this question, can't get a hold of anybody on the chat functionality of 48 and can't seem to post a question anywhere other than here (very happy be directed to the appropiate place).


My question is:
I have a 48 SIM and account and membership in my own name.   I have ordered another SIM which I have received and would like to use it for my daughter (who is under 16). Is it possible to add her SIM to my account and for me to pay for her membership through that or do I need to set up a completely separate account (in which case I will be using my own email for both my account and her account) for her?


Many thanks, 


Who Me Too'd this topic