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You need a new SIM?

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See below information on everything you need to know about SIMs.


I’ve got a new phone and need a different sized SIM


More info

Go to, log in to My 48 and select Change My SIM from the list on the left hand side:


Simply select Swap my "SIM - I need a new type of SIM" and proceed by clicking on "Order SIM".


There's only 1 type of SIM sold on 48, known as a Trio SIM. This is a normal sized SIM with perforations on it, so you can snap out a Micro or Nano SIM depending on the size you need.


If you're not sure which size you need for your phone, pop the question in our Phones section to ask your fellow 48 members to confirm the SIM type – chances are one of them has experience with that type of phone and can help you out with it.

When you get your new SIM –  log back in to Change My SIM and go to Step 2 where you can register your SIM. You will need to enter the six digit registration code on the SIM card.


Your new SIM should be up and running in 10 minutes. Your number and membership or credit will transfer to the new SIM.


You can only Swap to a SIM you have ordered through the Change my SIM section. If you use a SIM you have lying around your number and account won’t transfer.


I ordered a new SIM but my old one has stopped working


More info

If you selected “Block my SIM”  it automatically blocks your old SIM.


Not to worry though the care crew can work a bit of magic and get your service back.


Contact the care crew hereExplain what has happened and ask that they lift the suspension on your number.


Now this will mean when your new SIM does arrive you will need to contact the care crew to get it up and running again for you.


I want to order a new SIM but not lose service


More info

If you order a new SIM through the Change my SIM page your old SIM will continue to work until the new SIM arrives.  


Just follow the few simple steps below:

  1. Log in to My 48.
  2. Select Change my SIM on the left hand side.   
  3. Select “Swap my SIM - I need a new type of SIM
  4. Make sure you select the correct type of SIM that you need, and fill in your details.
  5. When you receive your new SIM log back into Change my SIM and select “Register SIM"


Your new SIM should be up and running in 10 minutes. Your number and membership or credit will transfer to the new SIM.


Now it's really important that you do not select “Block my SIM” unless you want to bar your SIM card. If you simply want a new type of SIM card make sure you follow the steps above. 


I’ve lost my SIM (Phone)


More info

Nightmare!! Sorry to hear that.


So we can make this a bit easier for you I am going to tell you how to sort this out. 


In order to replace your lost SIM with the same number and everything you need to replace it via the Change my SIM page.


Select “Block my SIM - I lost my SIM and want to block my account” and enter your details.


Make sure you select the correct SIM type then fill in your address.


By selecting this option if will it will automatically bar the stolen SIM. You will not have service until the new SIM arrives. Your membership and credit will automatically transfer over to the replacement SIM.


The SIM should arrive within the next 2-3 days so keep an eye out for the postman.


When it arrives log back into Change my SIM and this time select “Register SIM”. Enter the six digit registration code.


Your new SIM should be up and running in 10 minutes. Your number and membership or credit will transfer to the new SIM.


How do I register my new SIM?


More info

If you are joining 48 for the first time and need to get your SIM activated, here’s what to do.


  1. Go to the Activate your 48 SIM page on the 48 website.
  2. Enter the 6-digit activation code and hit Activate 48 SIM.
  3. Enter your personal details and hit Add my details & continue.
  1. Choose if you want to keep your old number, or if you want a new number, and hit Continue.
  2. If you chose to keep your number, enter the number that you want to move over to 48, and hit “Send me security code” and wait until you’ve received the code.
  3. It should say that your code has been sent to the number you specified. Then select the type of account you had with your previous provider.
  4. Then enter the security code in the field requested, and hit “Move my number to 48”.


Already a member? Just got a new SIM?


The big question is did you order a SIM through Change My SIM on your My 48 page, or through the Free SIM page?


If you ordered using Change My SIM then just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Go to My 48
  3. Select Change My SIM
  4. Go to “Step 2 – Activate a replacement SIM” and hit Activate SIM.
  5. Type the activation code and hit Continue.
  6. Log out from the site (VERY IMPORTANT to prevent cache issues).
  7. Wait up to one hour till SIM activation is completed.
  8. Log into the site and check everything looks ok.


** WARNING **  If at any point you are asked to enter your personal details again, STOP and contact the care crew here. If you continue you will end up with a new mobile number.


If you have any problems then contact the care crew here. Please include the following details:

  • Details of any error message
  • Your new SIM number
  • Your current mobile number


If you ordered the SIM using the Free SIM link then you just need to give the care crew a shout here. They will get you up and running as soon as they possibly can.


I get an error registering my new SIM


More info

If you get an error during the activation process, it’s time to get the care crew involved. Give them a shout here. Please include the following details:


  • The full error message you get
  • Your new SIM number
  • Your current mobile number if you are an existing 48’er. 


How long do I have to wait for my SIM?


More info

All our SIMs are delivered within a couple of days. Don’t count weekend days though.


If your SIM hasn’t arrived:


If it has been over a week since you ordered the SIM then it looks like it vanished into a black hole somewhere. Sorry about that. You’ll need to contact our tech guys to fix up your account for you via this page.


This process can take a couple of days so in the meantime, you can order a new SIM here.


Remember: fill out the form for a free SIM, but don’t activate it when it arrives; get back to the care crew with the 19 digit number on the back of it and they’ll get it linked up to your account. This is really important to keep in mind, so get straight back in touch when the SIM arrives.


Activated my new SIM but cannot call or text


More info

The first thing to check is that you have activated the SIM against the correct account. You can check this when you log into My 48 here.


Check the mobile number displayed at the top of the page.


Next you need to check that you have an active membership, your calls and texts won’t work until you have bought your membership. Find out more about how to buy your membership.



If it’s the correct mobile number and you have an active membership:


That’s good. We should be able to figure out what the problem is easily enough, just give the care crew a shout here. Please include the following info:


  • I have just activated my new SIM and I cannot use it.
  • The SIM number is: <add SIM number>
  • My mobile number is: <add mobile number>
  • Have you got a new phone and if so, is it unlocked?
  • Can you make calls? No, what error do you hear?
  • Can you receive calls?
  • Can you send texts? No, what error do you see?
  • Can you receive texts? 


Will my new SIM still have my membership on it?


More info

Yes it will. Any credit or membership you had will transfer over when you activate your new SIM.


Be careful when activating your SIM. Make sure you are logged into your account!


I found my phone/SIM again. What now?


More info

Great news!  We can get you back up and running again now.


Give the care crew a shout here.


Please include the following information:

  • Your mobile number
  • Your SIM number


That’s it.  One of our experienced crew will work their magic (press a few buttons) and get your old SIM working again.


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