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If you’re an existing customer and need a replacement SIM, the below guide will bring you up to speed on all you need to know!


If you’re a new customer or an existing customer who wants a new/second account, then you'll need to order a new SIM card, here.



How to Order a Replacement SIM

To order a replacement SIM, Login to your My 48 >>My Profile >> Reorder SIM.


FYI: Our SIMs are “Trio” so it is a "normal" SIM, a micro-SIM and a Nano SIM all in one, which means it will fit into any type of phone, happy days!




Replacement SIM.PNG


You'll have two options to choose from.


SIM lost or stolen: Block service.

If you’re in either scenario, we are sorry to hear that! So let’s help you to get back up and running. Click on the tab, and enter your delivery address. To place your order, select Block SIM. This will block your old SIM, which will effectively block your services from being used until you activate your new SIM.


Order Replacement: Keep service Active

If you’ve gotten a new phone and your current SIM doesn’t fit or your SIM is a bit worse for wear, then use the Order Replacement option. Your current SIM will stay working until you activate your new one.


Once your SIM arrives, you’ll need to activate it. Login to your My 48 >> My Profile >> Reorder SIM and you’ll see the option to Activate SIM. Enter the 6-digit code from the back of your new SIM, and in about 10 minutes, your services will be up and running on your new SIM.


It's generally smooth sailing, but we've included some additional FAQs to keep your knowledge on point! 


I found my phone/SIM again!

Great news! We can get you back up and running again, just give 48 Customer Care a shout, here, and they'll work their magic to get your old SIM working again.


I ordered a new SIM but my old one has stopped working.

If you selected “Block my SIM” it automatically blocks your old SIM. Not to worry though, 48 Customer Care can work a bit of magic and get your service back.  


Contact 48 Customer Care, here, and explain that you want the suspension on your number lifted.


Just a heads up: this means when your SIM arrives, you'll need to get back in contact with 48 Customer Care to have your new SIM activated on your account.


Will my replacement SIM still have my plan and credit balance on it?

Yes it will. Any credit or plan you had will transfer over when you activate your replacement SIM.


When can I expect my SIM to arrive?

We use An Post, so your SIM will be delivered within 5-7 working days.


If your SIM hasn’t arrived:

If it has been over 7 days (not counting the weekend), then its looks like your SIM has gone astray. We’re sorry about that! 


To get you back on track, order a new SIM here & ensure that you enter your complete address.  


I'm getting an error activating my new SIM.

If you get an error during the activation process, it’s time to get 48 Customer Care involved. Give them a shout, here. To help the team assist you quickly, please include the following details:


  • The full error message you get
  • Your new SIM number
  • Your current mobile number if you are an existing 48 customer


I've activated my SIM but cannot call or text.

First things first, check that you've activated your SIM against the correct account. This error can happen if you have multiple accounts on 48. To do this, check the mobile number displayed within Your Profile and your details, here


Next, check that you have an active plan, as your calls and texts will not work without an active allowance. 


If you have activated your SIM on the correct account and you have an active plan:


Give 48 Customer Care a shout, here. Please include the following information to allow us to resolve your issue quickly:


  • I have just activated my new SIM and I cannot use it.
  • The SIM number is: <add SIM number>
  • My mobile number is: <add mobile number>
  • Have you got a new phone and if so, is it unlocked?
  • Can you make calls? No, what error do you hear?
  • Can you receive calls?
  • Can you send texts? No, what error do you see?
  • Can you receive texts? 
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