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Recruit & Reward - Earn Free Credit!

Started ‎21-04-2020 by
Modified ‎16-06-2020 by


Recruit & Reward is your way of getting free credit, yes you read it right…Free credit!! So if your box clever, you’ll never have to pay for your membership again, it’s that easy!  


The rewards don’t stop there; we’ll also give the same amount of credit to your friend straight away – it’s a win-win.  


Visit your My48 dashboard and select Reward in the bottom navigation. For more details, scroll on.  


How does Recruit & Reward work? 

This first thing you’ll need to do if you want to start earning Recruit & Rewards is to get some SIMs to your friends. Either the automatic way or the social way! 

Once your friend gets their SIM and purchase’s their first membership than you’ll both receive a credit to the value of the membership your friend purchased. 


How do I recruit my friends for Recruit & Rewards? 

To get SIMs to your friends you’ve two Options  


  1. You can share your unique SIM ordering URL with your friends on social media and through your email so they can order their own SIM to sign up. 
  2. You send 1-5 SIMs to your own address before handing them out to friends or send them directly to your friend’s address.

Once your friend purchases their first membership, you both earn credit and it’s then applied to your account instantly. 


What can I earn? 

You earn a free month’s membership depending on the type of membership your friend purchases. If your friend buys a membership for €12.99, you both earn €12.99 in credit and this can be used purchase a new month’s membership, add on’s or you can keep it as additional credit, it’s up to you. 


Is there a limit? 

Nope, there’s no limit to the number of friends you can recruit which means more credit and a bigger community to interact with for you! 


When will my credit be added to my Account?  

Immediately, as long as you followed all of the above. 


How do I keep track of my Recruit & Reward earnings? 

You can keep track on how much you’ve earned by looking at Recruit & Reward screen with the My48 dashboard.


Is there a limit to how many SIMs I can order? 

Yes. You can order up to 5 SIMs at a time. Once these are gone, you’ll be able to order more. There’s a limit of 50 SIMs per month. 


If you’ve reached your 50 SIM limit you can put in a request hereto see if you’re eligible for more SIMs, but this will only be given in certain situations. 


What happens if I'm no longer a 48 member at the time that Recruit & Reward is being paid out? 


If you’ve left 48 then you won’t receive the credit. To get your Recruit & Reward earnings, you must have an active 48 account at the time Recruit & Reward is being paid out.  


My friend has ordered a Recruit & Reward SIM from my page but is not a member yet. Do I still get Recruit & Reward? 

No, your Recruit & Reward credit will only be applied to your account once your friend has bought their first membership.  

If they’ve ordered a 48 SIM from using your Unique URL then you’re nearly there… you’ll just need to use your powers of persuasion to give them that extra nudge to buy their membership!


What happens if my friend orders a SIM, but it wasn't through my Recruit & Reward page?

Hard luck 😢 😢

You can only earn Recruit & Reward if your friend gets a SIM connected to your personal Recruit & Rewards. Don’t give up though, get back recruiting!! You can always send them a request for 1GB as part of your Flexi-data options, see our article on Flexi-data to get acquainted. 


I've ordered my Recruit & Reward SIMs, where are they?

If it’s been more than 4 days (not including the weekend), then something might have gone wrong in the post. 

Not a problem though, you can order more SIMs in your My48 dash in the Recruit & Reward section.  


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