How do I buy Membership, Add ons or Top up on My48?

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Need to know more on how you can buy membership, add on's or just add some extra credit 

to your account then just keep reading! 


We've  a few different memebership available depending on when you signed up and activated with 48 however irrespetive of what memebership you have, how you purchase will be same for everyone. 


How to buy membership.

  1. Login to your My48 on desktop or App.
  2. Go to >> Membership or in a hurry click here 
  3. If you have an active membership and want to renew this again then select "Buy next membership" 
  4. If your current membership has expired  then chose from the available options displayed. 
  5. Once you've selected the membership you want, a new screen will display your purchase summary.  
  6. You'll have the option to pay from your registered card, your available credit balance or you can add a new payment card.


Why not turn on auto renew on your account?

Auto renew allows you to set up a monthly recurring payment to renew your membership automatically. As we're a prepay service you'll need to purchase your membership monthly to continue to receive the allowance you want. With auto renew it takes the manual effort out off buying membership as we’ll auto debit your registered payment card


This means more free time for you and your never without an active membership 😉. Once you select the membership you want to buy then tick the "auto renew" option so it will automatically renew on the same day each month without the need for you to log in or overthink things. 


How to set up Auto-Renew  

Login My48 > Membership> Chose your Membership> Select Auto Renew > Enter Card details. Your Card details will be save for future use. 


You can also remove/edit your auto new at anytime just Login My48 > My Profile >Payment Details >Toggle off/on Auto Renew. 


How to buy an add on's.

  1. Sign into your My48 on desktop or App.
  2. Go to >> Flexi data option
  3. Select the option for Add ons in the navigation bar, also available here
  4. Select the add on you want to purchase 
  5. You'll have the option to pay from your registered card, your available credit balance or you can add a new payment card.


How to buy additional credit.

If you need some extra credit to make international calls, buy add on's, send MMS or just to want to have available credit on your account for a rainy day then follow the below steps. Remember you can also use additional credit to buy future memberships.


Just a heads up  - Your available credit balance will need to be greater then or equal to your membership purchase. If your available credit is less then your memebrship price it wont display the option to purchase membership from your credit balance. 


  1. Sign into your My48 on your desktop or App
  2. Click My Profile >> select the option payment details, also available here
  3. Beside Credit Balance you will see the option to Add Credit.
  4. Once selected your new screen will give you the option to add a fixed credit amount or manually enter the credit amount you want to add to your account. 
  5. You'll have the option to pay from your registered card or you can add a new payment card.


How to register or update your payment card.

To register your payment Card Login to your My48 > My Profile >Payment Details. If you dont have a card saved yet then click  add card and enter and save your details. If you want to update your exsisiting card details then click edit card details, enter and save.


Just a heads up: Remember you can only add or edit card details through your desktop/web version of your My48 and not through your My48 app. 



Anybody can use the gift shop to purchase to gift credit/membership to a 48 member. So if you are or have a generous friend, then you can purchase credit/membership by using the 48 Gift Shop.


Enter the 48 memebrs number, choose the top-up amount or memebership option and then select buy now.


Once the gift purchase has been confirmed your friend will receive a text to let them know how amazing you are.



If your still stuck why not ask our community members who will be able to point you in the right direction!

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