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What is an add-on & how does it work? 

Add-ons are bundles which can be activated to get additional allowances.

Below is a list of add-ons that we offer! 


Add-on Name


New Membership



100 Texts

€ 3.00



Calls 60 minutes

(mobile & landline)

€ 3.00



Internet 1GB

€ 3.00



Landlines 10 minutes

€ 3.00




* On our new plans that launched on 21st April’20; you have access to unlimited texts & Unlimited minutes for landlines & mobiles within the Republic of Ireland and calls made while roaming in EU to other EU numbers and back to Republic of Ireland.


Just remember! Add-ons can only be activated while there is an active membership on your account. 


How do I buy an add-on? 

You can buy add ons through your My48 either on desktop or through your My48 App.


Login to your My48 >> My48 >>Tap on Flexi data >> Add ons and select the add on you want to buy.

In a hurry just click 👉 here 


You have the option to pay for your add on through your saved card, use another card or pay from your current credit balance. 


How long are my add-ons valid for? 

Add-ons are valid for 1 calendar month until midnight of the final day expiry or until the allowance has been used up. 


How many add-ons can I activate in a calendar month? 

There is no limit on the number of add-ons that can be activated in 1 calendar month. You can buy as many add-ons as you want but each will only last a month from the date of purchase or until used up.  


Are my unused add-on allowances carried over to the next month? 

No, so make sure you use them so you don't lose out! 


I bought an add-on but can’t use services?

Add-ons will only work if there is an active membership on the account.  

  • If you don’t have active membership, you can buy one here 
  • If you have an active membership, check if your account been suspended 
  • 48 have a fair usage policy. If you’re in breach of this, then your membership might be suspended.  
  • You should have got plenty of warning via email about this from the Care Crew. 
    • Suspended: Ouch! It can be lifted until your current membership is up. 
    • Not suspended: Time to troubleshoot further! Refer to one of these articles depending on the issue: 


Paid extra money?

If you tried to pay for an add-on and were overcharged, chances are you’ve accidentally bought more add-ons than you meant to buy!  

  • When you buy an add-on the allowance is added to your account immediately. You can check that out on My48
  • So if that happens, then you’ve just bought yourself some extra add-ons & the allowance is unused – no harm done! Best thing to do now is to contact the Care Crew here so, they can sort that out and get your money back to you.  
  • Just ensure that you don’t use up any allowance from the extra add-on, or we won't be able to refund the add on back to you.  


I bought the wrong add-on? 

If you’ve bought the wrong add-on then the best thing to do now is to contact the Care Crew here so they can sort that out and get your money back to you.  

Just ensure that you don’t use up any allowance from the extra add-on! 

Still confused 😕? Something not working the way it should? 


We've got a bunch of extremely knowledgeable people on our community, it's the best place to find more explanation and help. Give it a try! 


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