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Where can I find you? 


At 48 we live online so all the information you need to know is available through the My48 website here and your My48 app on Android and iOS  


What’s My48 and how do I access it? 


My48 is free self-service option that allows you to manage and control your account both on your phone and online. It’s easy to use, and lets you do stuff like: 

  1. Check your balance 
  2. Access your Flexi Data
  3. Check your remaining credit  
  4. Buy top-up credit, membership & add-on’s for yourself using a pre-registered payment card. 
  5. Update contact information 
  6. Manage your marketing preferences 
  7. Get a PUK code 


What’s the difference between the My48 app and portal? 


There a Two key differences between your My48 web and your My48 app.   


  1. You can only add or update your payment card details through the web version of your My48. Once your card is saved you can make purchases in either the web or app.  
  2. Your share data feature is only available in the app, this is the feature that allows you to share data with your friends. You’ll receive notifications requests from friends on your My48 app and website but to share your data just pop into your My48 app. The reason you need to use the app is we need access to your phone contacts so you can make the transaction.   


To maximise your 48 experience and be in control when and where you want, we’d highly recommend downloading the app to access all your features. 


Forgot your My48 Password. 


It happens to the best of us, if you’ve forgotten your password then you can choose to create a new one. All you need to do is select “forgot password” at the sign-in screen on the My48 website or on your My48 app and we’ll send you an email so you can create a new one.  


Unable to log into My48 account.


If you can’t log in, we’d suggest double checking your email and password are spelt correctly. Too many failed attempts and your account will be lock for two hours. If this happens don’t worry just leave it alone for a couple of hours, then try again! 


Still having an issue contact our Care Crew here. 


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