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Crew (retired)
Crew (retired)

So... you're having trouble sending a text message? But can receive them no problem? Then, something just isn't right!


First things first, have you bought your plan? If you've topped up, that's not always enough. You will need to convert that credit to a plan, so have a look here for more further details. 


If you have already bought your plan, then the issue has to be something else.


The next thing you should do is try and check your message centre number, it should be +353894300000 for 48. (And it's really important that it starts with +353 and not 00353).


Now, where do you check this? It's different for every handset. Normally, it's in the Message menu and you'll be looking for "Message Centre Number," which is sometimes shortened to SMSC! If you're really stuck, just Google it!


If your message centre number is correct, you will need to get in touch with 48 Customer Care, here.

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