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Exciting news! By the 15th February 2024, 5G will be available for free for all 48 customers on the €12.99 plan. This means you will be able to experience even faster speeds on our network at no extra cost. 


1. What is 5G?

5G stands for the '5th Generation mobile network,' representing a revolutionary advancement in wireless technology. It connects virtually everyone and everything, including machines, objects, and devices, offering rapid document downloads, seamless video-conferencing, and faster cloud uploads. 

2. How can I get 5G?

To experience 5G, you need three things: a 5G-ready device, the €12.99 5G plan, and 5G coverage in your area. 

3. What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

5G offers much greater bandwidth, quality and latency than 4G alone. 

4. Is there 5G in my area?

From the 8th February 2024 our coverage checker will be updated with 48 5G coverage areas. Check back here on the 8th. 

5. Does 48 have 5G roaming in the EU and UK?

5G roaming is enabled where available in destinations outside of Ireland. 

6. Do I need a new SIM to avail of 5G?

No, your current SIM will work.  

7. Will I be charged extra for 5G?

No, 5G is included in the €12.99 plan. 

8. Will I automatically be upgraded to 5G with my €12.99 plan?

Yes, by 15th February 2024 you should have 5G reception if you have a 5G device and are in a 5G coverage area. 

9. As an existing customer on a different plan, how can I access 5G?

As a current customer on another plan, to enjoy 5G services, you'll need to upgrade to the €12.99 plan at your next renewal date. Simply Login to your My48 or click here. 

A reminder that if you upgrade to the €12.99 plan, you won’t be able to return to your previous plan.

10. I have auto-renew enabled but wish to upgrade to the €12.99 plan?

To upgrade to the €12.99 plan, simply toggle off auto-renew, then manually purchase the €12.99 plan on your next renewal date and then re-enable auto-renew after completing your purchase. To view auto renew status login to your My48 > My Profile > Payment Details to update your Auto renew status or click here. 

11. How will I know if my handset is 5G enabled?

To confirm if your handset supports 5G, we recommend checking the make and model of your handset on the manufacturer's website.

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