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‎12-08-2015 05:28 PM


We have spotted an issue getting connected abroad when using an iPhone.  Luckily though we have our resident 48 brainiac on hand with a solution.


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I am already abroad

More info

Ideally this should be set up before you leave Ireland but don’t worry we can still get you connected.


Go to the Settings/Phone/SIM Applications and select When Abroad --> Network Selection --> Manual --> International Roaming profile. Then search manually for a network and try to connect.


If this does not work keep persevering with it and you will get connected.  It might take multiple attempts but it will work for you eventually.


Not abroad just yet

More info

To get connected without any problems you need to change a setting on your phone just before you leave.


Go to the Settings --> Phone --> SIM Applications and select When Abroad/Network Selection/Manual/International - Roaming profile.


When you search manually for a network and try to connect.  That should work a treat for you.


* Don’t forget to change this back when you return.  Go to Settings/Phone/SIM Applications and select When Abroad/Network Selection/Manual/Local - Roaming profile.


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