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Going on a trip and staring to get that pre-holiday feeling!  


We’ve got you covered when it comes to your phone. Here’s all you need to know so you can use your services while abroad. Happy memory making!  


Travelling within the EU/UK  

Our new memberships and the Guido include an EU/UK allowances. The Don,The MitchThe Duke and standard are domestic only memberships so can only be used in Republic of Ireland. However, you always have the option to change your membership on its next expiry date to one of our membership that includes EU/UK roaming.   


This means you get to enjoy your service in the EU/UK as if you were at home. Happy days! Data usage comes with a fair usage policy so if you’re not sure how much your membership includes, just check your roaming allowance on the My48 portal or your My48 app. 


For more details on EU/UK roaming and a full list of which countries you can use your EU/UK data allowance in, check here


Can I buy extra Data for EU/UK roaming? 

Yes! If you've used your EU/UK data roaming allowance or simply just want more then the 1GB data add-on can be used in Ireland and in the EU/UK when you’re on a membership that has roaming included. To purchase your add on simply Log in to your My48 >> Flexi Data >> Add ons or just click here


Is 4G available when roaming in the EU/UK?

Currently 4G is only available when in the Republic of Ireland however all other services are available where roaming agreements are in place. 


Telecommunications networks in Germany, Netherlands and the Czech Republic have retired their 3G services meaning only 2G services i.e Calls and SMS are available to 48 customers while roaming in those countries.


We are currently working with our partners to have 4G available while roaming. This information will be made available on our website as it is rolled out.


Travelling outside the EU

If you’re traveling outside the EU roaming can be pricey depending on your destination. Here’s what’s available when you’re roaming outside the EU and some alternatives for you to know. 

  • All incoming/outgoing calls and outgoing texts will be charged your credit balance. 
  • To receive a text it’s Free. 
  • Data roaming isn’t available outside the listed EU destinations. We’ve included some useful tips as an alternative . 
  • MMS/picture messages: As you need data to send these, they won't work while you're outside the EU, but just use your Wi-Fi to send images through a third-party app. 


Need Data when outside the EU? 

If you need to use data outside the EU you can always use the Wi-Fi available in café’s, restaurants and your accommodation. If you want your own data independence, remember your phones unlocked so you could always pick up a local SIM in the destination you're traveling to, there’s usually a network kiosk in most international airports.


Activating Roaming. 

All 48 customers are automatically set up to use their phone abroad. When you reach your host country make sure to turn on your mobile data and that data roaming is enabled on your phone. See  


  • For Android: Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming. 
  • For iPhone: Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options and ensure ‘Data Roaming’ is turned on. 
  • For Windows: Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Data Roaming Options


If you don’t have a service when you arrive in your destination. Don’t panic! Check out Troubleshooting steps for roaming here


Contacting us when abroad.

After checking the steps and you find your internet still isn’t working, it’s time to ask for a little help.  


You can post a new question on the community hereand our helper members will help you out to the best of their ability. 


Or you can contact the Care Crewhere just in case the issue is account-related. If possible, try contact from a different phone or desktop as we might need to recheck your phone settings with you.   


Include the following details to help us help you: 

  • Date you bought your membership or internet add-on. 
  • The type of phone you have. 
  • Full list of settings you saved into your phone. 
  • Do you have data roaming switched on? 
  • Do you have an internet signal (e.g. shows “H”, “3G”, “E”, “G” or “o” depending on the speed of internet) 

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