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Different ways to contribute on the forum

Crew (retired)
Crew (retired)

Hi guys,


So you've joined the forum, browsed around... and now what?


Here are some of the many ways that you can participate in the 48 community based on what kind of stuff you like to do. It's all about helping each other out and also having a good time!


Like writing text and posting stuff to help out?


Answering questions to help out other members

Many new members are looking for answers to some of the issues or general questions they might be having about 48 or their phones. If you have experience or knowledge on an issue (e.g. how to configure a new phone)  you can reply to such a question in the Need Help section.


Creating tutorials

Do you have experience or knowledge on a process that you think might be helpful for others, and do you like to write detailed instructions? If so, why not create a guide/tutorial on the forum about it? It could be anything that you think is useful - from how to configure a new phone to something like how to use a particular app!



Like to help out "in the background"?

There are some important forum functions that keep things going in the background that are done without having to write any text!


Choosing the most useful reply

Marking a question solved is something very important in the Need Help section. When you ask for help and get a reply or several replies from other members, it's important to choose which reply is the most useful, and then set that reply as the accepted solution. This will then, in turn, help other members who are browsing the topics to find a useful answer.


Thumbs up for good stuff

Patting someone on the back when you see them post something useful, funny or just otherwise anything that you feel like deserves a thumbs up, is a quick and easy way to give someone positive feedback (we call it Kudos on the forum).


Finding bugs and suggesting improvements

If you have an eye for spotting strange stuff, errors and bugs (or even typos!) on websites, you can be of huge help by reporting your findings to 48. We are always looking for ways to improve and feedback is appreciated, so don't hesitate to make us aware if you find something is off.



Like sharing fun and interesting stuff and being creative?


Posting in Just Hang Out

Sometimes you might come across fun stuff somewhere that you think might be of use to others too. Videos, articles, images... Don't be afraid to share it! If you find anything interesting to share, and you hesitate which category on the forum to post it to, you can always go to the Just Hang Out section and pop it in there for others to see and comment on.


Being creative with images or video

If you're the type of person who enjoys creating cool stuff for example in Photoshop, GIMP, MS Paint or any image software (or video!), and want to share your creations with others, please do so! We would love to see your creative sides. That's perfect content for the Just Hang Out section too.



Well that's some of the different ways to participate, help out and engage with others in the 48 community.


We are always looking for new community Helpers so if you like it here and want to stick around, check out this post as well for more information on the 48 Community Helper program.


See you around!