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Community Guidelines

Crew (retired)
Crew (retired)

Hi guys,


The following guidelines are in place so you know what’s expected of you and what you can expect from others. By participating in the community you agree to follow these guidelines:



1) No personal info

No personal details such as phone number, address details, email address, private message content and other account information to be shared on the community.

2) Search first

Use the search function before asking a question. Chances are someone else has already asked the same question. If you still can’t find what you’re after –post a question in our Need Help section.


3) Give Kudos

Remember to give Kudos to posts that you like. For more information, click here. Don’t abuse Kudos by creating alias accounts and giving it to yourself. We’ll see through that pretty quickly.


4) Respect each other

Everyone’s input is encouraged.


(4.1) Keep it clean guys - no obscene, defamatory or abusive language.

(4.2) No unlawful, libellous, damaging or injurious submissions.

(4.3) Do not write in CAPS, this is considered shouting…keep it down.

(4.4) No spam.


5) Pointless posts

No pointless posts that don’t offer value or contribute to the discussion. If you want to discuss something different then you can start a new thread. Off-topic discussions are welcome though, we have a whole separate section for random fun stuff if you head to the Just Hang Out.


6) Community self-moderating

The community staff don’t actively moderate content. If you feel someone isn’t following the guidelines then you can ‘Report Inappropriate Content’ (the link is on the left-hand side of the post)


7) Advertising

No advertising of anything related to external commercial websites, or advertising of anything unrelated to 48.


😎 Property rights

Don’t submit anything that infringes upon trademarks, copyrights or any other proprietary rights of any person or company.


9) Illegal, inaccurate & damaging material

Don’t post info about pirated and illegal software.


(9.1) Don’t post info that is inaccurate or damaging, e.g. links to websites/servers that contain viruses etc.


10) Impersonating staff

Don’t impersonate members of the community team (they are either "Crew Members" or "Community Managers" by forum rank).


11) Usernames

Inappropriate usernames are subject to suspension.


(11.1.) The term ‘inappropriate’ is defined by the Community Management Team.


(11.2.) Whilst not exhaustive this includes, obscene, defamatory or abusive, libelous, damaging, injurious, foul, swearing, racist, advertising of goods services and websites.


(11.3.) Where an inappropriate community username is suspended, this means the account holder will no longer be able to participate on the community and will no longer be eligible to receive rewards for community contributions.


(11.3.1.) The suspension will not affect the use of the 48 network nor will it stop credit being earned for recruitment via Kickback.


12) Avatars & signatures

Don’t use avatars or signatures that are inappropriate, disrespectful, rude or offensive.


13) Post full answers

Don’t post one word replies or short sentences to secure an early response to a thread - this is unfair to other members that post fairly and is considered gaming the system.
14) Breach of guidelines

Any breach of these guidelines may result in the editing/removal of your posts or may result in suspension from the community altogether. So play nice.

Note that we may also take legal action where appropriate-and we’d rather not do that so keep to the guidelines!


15) Disputes

In the event of disputes or clarification on any of the guidelines the Community Management Team have the final say.


(15.1) If you wish to discuss a dispute with a member of our community team regarding the guidelines and their implementations-please contact a community manager. You can contact them via PM (Private Message).


16) Updates to guidelines

Note that these guidelines are subject to updates without notice, therefore we urge members to check these guidelines on a regular basis.



And lastly, remember to post thanks to your helpers so they know you're sorted after you've asked a question on the forum. It's a nice thing to do!