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How to ensure roaming will work for imminent trip abroad?


whenever i go abroad for example italy last summer i did all the steps in the roaming guide and still my roaming wasn’t working anywhere i go and couldn’t use my phone for the whole holiday. I’m going abroad soon and would like to know how to sort this issue before i go.


The Legend
The Legend

Try these threads:

If they don't help then you'll have to contact 48 support for further assistance.

See the link in my signature below or email them at

If your SIM predates January 2023 then you might want to get a replacement in case that helps:

I am not a 48 employee - if you need to contact 48 support you can do so by chat, email ( or phone.


I had terrible trouble with Roaming, I reordered a new sim and that worked. They have a newer version of their sim cards that worked. Mine was 3 years old I think. So if you're Sim is an old one I'd replace it.