How to mark questions solved

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In our community we use an ‘accepted solutions’ system to show which questions in the community have been solved.



What are accepted solutions?


If a post has a green tick by it Accepted solution that means that the question in the thread has been answered and the person who posted the question has chosen the best solution for the problem that they were having.



Why mark your question solved?


When people search the forum for answers to a problem that they’re having, the green tick symbol for an accepted solution helps people see that anyone with a similar solution has had their problem solved, and helps them to find it for themselves. It also shows members that the problem has been solved and that they can safely move on to helping someone else. 



How do I mark it solved?


Once you’ve sorted your problem and you’re good to go, look over the thread. Who was the person that helped you the most? That’s the person that deserves the accepted solution.


All you need to do is click ‘accept as solution’ on the right-hand side of their post and the forum will do the rest.




If you accidentally click the button on a post that you didn’t mean to, don’t worry – you can unmark the solution by clicking on ‘options’ on the top-right of the post and clicking ‘Not the Solution’.




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