Donate to Irish Cancer Society with 48

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Crew (retired)
Posts: 355
‎21-03-2014 01:58 PM


Hey guys,


We realise a lot you want to or have tried to donate to the Irish Cancer Society as part of the #nomakeupselfie campaign. As you may or may not know, 48 does not provide a service for premium text numbers such as 50300. We do believe this is a great cause & we want to give 48 customers a way of taking part.


If you want to get involved, send @48goconquer your #nomakeupselfie tweet before the 28th of March and we will donate €4 for each of the first 1,000 tweets we get to the Irish Cancer Society.


Time to go get those make-up wipes and find some good lighting!







Re: Donate to Irish Cancer Society with 48

Crew (retired)
Posts: 355
‎04-04-2014 09:55 AM

Hi again guys,


The #nomakeupselfie campaign has now run its course. Many of you were interested in taking part and 48 will be making the donation to the Irish Cancer Society on your behalf next week - thanks a lot for all of you who got involved (and thanks camsterr for posting your selfie on the forum!).


If you’re ever interested in helping them out in other ways as well, here’s the Irish Cancer Society’s website with more info:





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